Film post-production is an organic part of all the other activities of the Studio. The directing centre is equipped with a large visual monitor and 5+1 sound system. It is linked up with the video editing centre and its data discs and software and so it is possible to work in both centres simultaneously. The studio has professional sound databases and Martin Kratochvíl's enormous music archive to which there is easy license access without the need for time-consuming negotiations with copyright organisations. Studio Budíkov owns all the musical rights to its catalogue.


  • Sound design and editing

  • Film editing

  • Mastering


  • Address:
    Studio Budíkov
    Budíkov 508
    251 64 Mnichovice
  • Contact:
    phone: +420 323 640 555
    mob. pho.: +420 724 277166
    mob. pho.: +420 724 444699