Studio Budíkov was the first in the Czech Republic to use the new synchronised technology of dubbing feature films without the use of expensive and difficult film looping. In its lifetime so far the studio has produced several thousand dubbings for all the big Hollywood studios and independent producers (Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Slumdog Millionaire, James Bond, the Lion King and so on). The Budíkov production covers all phases in the creation of dubbings: from casting with a large range of available voices, to modification of dialogue and direction, right up to final mix in any format required, or subtitling.


  • Address:
    Studio Budíkov
    Budíkov 508
    251 64 Mnichovice
  • Contact:
    phone: +420 323 640 555
    mob. pho.: +420 724 277166
    mob. pho.: +420 724 444699
    email: studio.budikov@bonton.cz