Audio production

 Audio production – both music and the spoken word – are among the basic and the oldest activities at Budíkov. The studio can be divided into two acoustically differently isolated recording areas. It has a richly damped studio for recording pop, rock and jazz, but also a resonance studio for recording chamber music or folk. In the resonance studio there is a Steinway, model O piano. The Studio's recording equipment consists of professional Protools with a wide range of accessories and mixing desk. Since renovation works in 2009 it has been possible to change the acoustic properties of the recording spaces.


  • Address:
    Studio Budíkov
    Budíkov 508
    251 64 Mnichovice
  • Contact:
    phone: +420 323 640 555
    mob. pho.: +420 724 277166
    mob. pho.: +420 724 444699